I’ve always considered myself to have a black thumb – I have killed every Bonsai tree I ever owned. But when I fell in love with Orchids, it became more of an obsession, and I was determined to grow these beautiful plants. So with much research, and much trial and error, I kept at it. And finally began to have some success! So I guess this proves that (almost) anyone can grow orchids, if they put enough time, energy and effort into researching and doing it correctly.

One thing I found super frustrating was the conflicting advice that I found online: organic vs inorganic media, bark vs moss, when and how to water etc. I tried a whole heap of things that other growers swear by, and they just didn’t work for me, in my growing environment, and with my time availability for care and watering. I had to (mostly by trial and error) figure out what works for me. I discovered that there is no one sure-fire method for growing orchids, there are too many factors that can vary. So this is why you will not find a ‘How to grow Orchids’ page on my site. I can tell you what I do, and what works for me, but ultimately each grower has to figure out what works for them.

Orders placed now will start shiping on Monday 15th Aug 2022

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